World Wrestling Entertainment Fans in India

World Wrestling Entertainment Fans in India

World Wrestling Entertainment  Fans in India Do you know what WWE is? The World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) is a public traded but privately controlled media Entertainment Company that is dealing with professional wrestlers of the generation. This is also a media entertainment which refers generally to the wrestling promotion itself. This is an American entertainment company that is founded by Toots Mondts and Jessie McMahon in year 1952.

WWE is being considered as not a legitimate sports contest by other wrestling promotions. However, this considered as a purely created sports for entertainment, scripted, storyline-driven and matches are just choreographed. Even the amazing moves created by the wrestlers are said to be well-choreographed to achieve a perfect move and performance in four corners of the WWE arena.  It is publicly acknowledged during year 1989 after it has been founded during 1952. From the year it has been launched publicly, people came up with the chance to view every WWE fight events and active players in the arena.

World Wrestling Entertainment  Fans in India

World Wrestling Entertainment  Fans in India
World Wrestling Entertainment Fans in India

People from the whole world are enjoying the challenges and competition among the wrestlers of WWE. In fact, India is the country which has ranked no.2 in the list of countries that are avid fans of WWE. They are very much interested about every single match of WWE and this leads to the idea of making WWE as one of their favorite social topics and sports to watch. They have this feeling of being part of the live audience whenever they are watching matches where their favorite wrestler is going to fight. The epic performances of every WWE stars made Indians to love the WWE as a whole entertainment media. There are many reasons why they are avid fans and these are the following:

  1. The Competition seems very Realistic

Many people wonder if what they could see on their television and computer screens are real when they are watching WWE. Television viewers may not really know unless they have been part of people behind WWE. This is why people, particularly in India are very much amazed with the performance being shown by each of their bet wrestlers in the arena. Each of the stunts and performance they have are greatly appreciated. Every moves seem to be very perfect and unique so everyone especially Indian fans are getting interested when it comes to WWE.

Each of the single stories of rivalry, stealing of WWE champion belt, wrestler’s allies and a lot more are what has captivated the interest of Indian fans. They even give a warm welcome to the wrestlers of WWE as they have visited the country of India. There some wrestlers are given the chance to meet one of the countries who are very much happy about seeing events and happening in all WWE shows. Because of that, WWE had also opened their arms for the two famous Indian wrestling Champions Lovepreet Sangha and Satinder.

  1. WWE welcomes Indian Wrestlers

One of the newest trends in WWE fans is about the two Indian nationals who are now part of the WWE shows. They have been encouraged and welcomed by the entertainment media as they have seen to have potential strength and capabilities in this kind of sport. Many Indian fans are more proud to their race especially to the people who are Lovepreet Sangha and Satinder. These are two competitive wrestlers who have gained respect of their co-Indian nationals.

Lovepreet and Satinder are now preparing for their future matches and they are currently having their training at WWE’s Performance Center. These to brave Indian wrestlers are former wrestler champions and fortunately, they will continue their career together with their new competitors and fans in WWE. Their fans are expecting to see more about their performance when they have started to perform on WWE Shows.

  1. WWE Shows are Available

There are five shows of WWE such as the WWE Raw, Smack Down, NXT, Total Divas and tough enough which are aired during Mondays till Thursdays. Every popular WWE wrestlers are having their scheduled fight in the show where they are being expected to appear. Sometimes, they also have their presence whenever they are about to challenge a winner or title holder of the belt and special game round are being given to the wrestlers. Conversations and a strong presence from them are what people could see with the wrestlers.

Each of the shows has specific categories too like other sports field. A good example is the WWE show for Total Divas. There, the female wrestlers like Kelly Kelly, AJ Dee, Phoenix, Jacqueline, Vickie Guerrero, Molly Holly and a lot more have reigned and more female wrestler’s batches can be watched with their amazing performances during Tuesdays at 9/8.

  1. Indian Fans sees Passion to WWE wrestlers

Passion is one thing that can be seen to those wrestlers of WWE. Despite of the fact that many are not convinced or not interested about their way of doing such sport, Indian fans can see it through their performance. These wrestlers from WWE have the passion in and outside the arena. This is why many Indian fans. Now that they have also their country’s representatives in wrestling arena, they became more proud and happy to wait until it is time for them to watch in their television.

  1. They are very much entertained by WWE wrestlers

If reasons are you going to search why Indians love WWE and its wrestlers, it is simply because they are highly entertained by the shows. There is a competition among wrestlers and each of them has the characteristics which have captured the amazement of every avid fans. From how they talk to their competitors, how they fight, how they stood up inside the arena up to how they execute amazing fighting moves, Indian and other nationalities are being amazed.

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