Tips About Dragon Tiger Casino Game You Need to Know

If you are always curious about the game that uses two cards and two symbols, Dragon and Tiger, you should read these tips about Dragon Tiger casino game you need to know below. You will be an expert of this game in no time and ready to play, win, and get some money by rightly choosing between Dragon and Tiger.

Tips About Dragon Tiger Casino Game You Need to Know

Tips About Dragon Tiger Casino Game You Need to Know
Tips About Dragon Tiger Casino Game You Need to Know
  • Bet Like You’re Playing Baccarat

The mechanism of Dragon Tiger is just the same as Baccarat. Basically, bettors are left with three choices – to bet for one of the cards to have bigger value or having them tied. It’s almost like the game of Baccarat, except that it uses two instead of four cards. Therefore, it’s also easy to conclude that bettors can bet on Dragon Tiger as they would do in Baccarat. Usually, the first hand will get better value because they finish first. So, bettors have bigger chances to win by betting on that hand and switch to the other one when they are losing.

  • Count Like You’re Playing Blackjack

Both Baccarat and Dragon Tiger, in fact, are much better suited for card counting technique than Blackjack itself. The game flow is very simple, which make this game easier to track than Blackjack. It’s even more ideal when the table uses single instead of multiple decks. This way, anybody can easily track what cards have appeared on the table and narrow down the possibility of what will appear next.

  • Avoid Tie Bets

The Tie bet is the worst option people can choose while playing Dragon Tiger. It literally is the pit of a fruit – while the fruit flesh can offer many sorts flavor, the pits rarely taste good. Sure, everybody is tempted to eat this ‘pit’ due to the high payout. However, this bet itself rarely appears. It’s not rare for a single game to not have even a single tie result. In conclusion, betting on tie bets is such a bad decision they will only throw your money to waste. Never try to bet on tie bets unless you have counted the cards and sure to get it.

  • Use Suit-based Strategy instead of Betting Strategy

It’s about time for bettors to realize how useless betting strategies are. Most betting strategies only involve the amount of money used in the bets, which only works 100% when a player always wins (which is unlikely and suspicious.) These kind of strategies are useless because they don’t help bettors to win at all.

Instead of relying on those empty strategies, bettors can try and pick defensive-style strategies. Money management always helps. Bettors can also bet based on the suit to track the cards more easily. A suit-based strategy may be applied best in Dragon Tiger due to how little the deck amount is used.

See? These tips about dragon tiger casino game you need to know are really helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s open QQ882 and start to play this game right away. You will never regret that you read these tips because you will lead to the eternal winning. But the best tip to win this game is to join the best online casino and the best online slot betting website with free spins and nonstop bonuses.

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