Simple Stories In The Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game

Simple Stories In The Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game

The kinds of the slot machine games are in variations. One of them is Fruit Mania slot machine game. This name is from English. The name of this game is fruit mania because of it the past, in a slot machine game, the highest value could be found in a cherry picture. Because of this, there are many vendors make the slot machine game use the fruits theme for their game. One of the slot machine games uses the fruits theme is Fruit Mania. This game was created by Playtech and Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. This game is a kind of the game that uses the fruit theme. In this game, there are many fruit symbols that can be played. For clearer information, we will discuss at the Simple Stories In The Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game that you can learn some information on how to win the game.

The appearance of the Mania Fruits

As mentioned above, a fruit mania slot machine game is a game that uses the fruits theme for interface users. Because of that, you will see there are many symbols of fruits pictures in this game such as for the background of the game. In this background, we can see that there are many kinds of the colorful fruits. Under it, you will see that there is a slot machine sizing in 5 x 3. This machine has 5 pay lines that can be seen from the numbers at the left and at the right of the slot machine.

Simple Stories In The Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game

Simple Stories In The Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game
Simple Stories In The Fruit Mania Slot Machine Game

The, you can see that there is some information related with the fruit mania game from Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. There is the total credit of the game, the total winning, the total bet in at all and also the betting total for a line. It is located under the slot machine game. Then, there are also some buttons for controlling the game. For example, there is the setting of the bet button. Then, there is the button for starting the game.

At the right side, you will see that there is a green button. It is a paytable button. If you click this button, you will get the information about the pay line.

The symbol and payout in the Fruit Mania game

In the Fruit Mania slot machine game, there are seven cards you can use for making the pay line. Then, there are two kinds of the special cards. Seven cards are the lemon, strawberry, apple, grape, orange, berry, and cherry. If you want to get the reward or payout, you should collect those symbols minimum in 2 pictures in every pay line.

The bonus or payout that will be gotten is different based on the symbols total you get on each pay line and level of the symbols. The symbols that have the highest payment is the cherry symbol. Then, the lowest payment can be gotten if you find the lemon symbol. If you can get 5 cherry fruits in a pay line, you can get the progressive jackpot. So, you will get much money.

Besides symbols have mentioned before, there are two special symbols those are scattered and wild symbols. The scatter symbol is showed by fruits drink symbol. Then, the bonus symbol is showed by sun symbol.

The online fruit mania slot machine game from Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android is very easy. Everyone can play this. This is because the rule of fruit mania slot machine game is very simple. You just need to look for some similar pictures with the certain lines. So, you will get the bonus. If you don’t get the same pictures, you get nothing in this game.

In playing this game, you should make a bet. It is very easy to do. You just need to click bet button. If you want to make the maximal bet, you can use bet max.

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