PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is a video game which was created by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was during a press conference that was held on February 20, 2013 when this video game was declared to replace PlayStation 3. The video game has got animate feature which is an AMD Accelerate Processing Unit. This feature was the most powerful APU that Sony has managed to develop up to date.  During the launching of this video game, it was received positively. The only criticism made by the clients was that some of them praised Sony Company for considering the consumer’s need.

History of the game

The announcement of this video game was officially made in an event called PlayStation Meeting which was held in New York City on February 20, 2013. At this event, details about the console’s hardware were disclosed. After this, the design of the video game was unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2013.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

Hardware of the game

Technology used in the creation of this video game is same as that found in modern personal computers. The familiarity between the hardware was made so as to make it simple and cheap for the game studios to create games for this video game.

Technical specifications

Specifically, the video game uses a processor created by AMD with the aid of Sony Company. This processor links a Central Processing Unit and Graphic Processing Unit and other elements of the game which include memory controller and video decoder.

Video game controllers

The video game has a DualShock 4 controller that is used for the operation of the game. These controllers are connected to the console using Bluetooth link. Several features such as touchpads are installed into the controllers to enhance its operation. Apart from the touchpads, the DualShock 4 controller has an internal rechargeable battery that cannot be removed. It also consists of buttons PS button, SHARE button, OPTION button, directional button, shoulder button and a touchpad click button. Some function information is found under OPTION button.

Software system of PlayStation 4

The operating system of this video game is known as ‘’Orbis OS’’ This system doesn’t necessarily require internet support for its operation but more of its functions are performed when internet is connected. It uses webkit-based web browser. This browser has a high compatibility in HTML5. The video game has a menu called PlayStation Dynamic Menu. The menu has the ability to show players identity, notifications and recent activities. It has multiple user’s accounts, each account with own passcodes. Camera on the video game enables the operators to control the system.


Games must be installed into the system of a device such as a desktop before can be accessed. This video game can be downloaded on a PlayStation 4 app store.

Backward compatibility

This video is not supported directly with the games of PlayStation 3. There are some of selected games of PlayStation 3 that are available for flowing through PlayStation Now. Games of PlayStation 2 are not compatible with PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Now.

This is a cloud game which was meant for PlayStation 4. This game initially permits users to access games of PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 4 through a cloud-based program or through subscription.

Release of the game

Reception of the game was amazing from the users. They were excited with its release as some of them praising design and creativity of the Sony Company. Some commented that the company made wise engineering choices. Other users of the software expressed the satisfaction brought by the release of the video game.

There were acknowledgements from many professional industries highlighting the performance advantage of the games of the PlayStation 4 compared to that of Xbox.


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