Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Simple Winning Tips

Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Simple Winning Tips

What is the game of dragon tiger? What are the rules and the best tips to win the game? There are some basic questions regarding live dragon tiger rules and simple winning tips that all the players are might want to know before they begin to play the live dragon tiger game. Actually, this is just a simple game that transforms into an online game that quite popular for the first time. Aside from that, here are some things to know about this game.

Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Simple Winning Tips

Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Simple Winning Tips
Live Dragon Tiger Rules and Simple Winning Tips

What are the Live Dragon Tiger Rules?

When players decide to play live dragon tiger rules, they are able to find it in some reliable online casino websites like casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia, for the best choice of reliable websites that provide good services and cool features. This is also one of player’s favorite game since the game is quite friendly to play with the good speed.

This game is also good for the streak bettors since it will allow them to make the bet based on a score pad and they will directly make the bet based on that condition. When playing the game, players will get 52 cards within the decks of the Standard English version. The wild cards and jokers will be excluded, and usually, the game will be played based on six to eight of decks from a blackjack shoe.

The goal of the game is not beating the dealer, but the player must concern about making the right choice for the hand, and get the highest card whether it is the tiger or the dragon. This game is mostly like Casino War game since there will be only one card to be dealt both the dragon and tiger spots.

What are the Simple Winning Tips?

There are some simple winning strategies to be applied while playing live dragon tiger game. The first strategy is by keeping the track of both small and big cards in order to get the edge. There will be four possibilities since the four or three suits will be appeared more than one and it will be a rising wager as a good thing to bet rather than only placing the bet for one suit only.

The second strategy is by placing bets since players need to know whether they have to put the wager in the tiger or the dragon. So, players need to make the best choice and wait for the dealer to put the face-up card first. Usually, the highest number of the card will be the winner of the game.

Furthermore, players need to consider the two important rules if they want to apply this second strategy. The first rule is to have known that the point of aces cards is always low, so players need to arrange the card into a good arrangement started from Ace card to King orderly. The second rule to notice is by knowing about a tie, big and small bet before they want to consider about setting the bet.

By knowing the live dragon tiger rules and simple winning tips, players will have higher chances to win the game and enjoy their success. You can use these techniques when you join a casino site like casinoqq801 best live Malaysia casino site & online betting games. Good luck!

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