How to win in online Roulette games

How to Win in Online Roulette Game?

Roulette game is always exciting. Watching the tiny white ball comes near to your number is always thrilling. Not only in the real game in a casino, you can also feel the same excitement in online roulette game and it also has the same win feeling. But, how to win in online roulette game? Are there any differences?

Basically the Same

Online and casino roulette game are the same. There is the wheel and also the white ball tossed into the wheel. The way to bet is also the same. Beside of betting on a number, you can also place a bet on red, black, odd, and even numbers.

How to Win in Online Roulette Game?

How to win in online Roulette games
How to win in online Roulette games
  • Multiply Your Win Using More Than One Account

By using more than one account, you can make your chance to win bigger than ever. For example in The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, you have five accounts and play at the same time. You will have five times bigger chance to win.

You can get more than one account by borrowing other players’ account. There are so many players who rent their account with a share of winning. But, if you want to have all of the winning money by yourself, you can make fake accounts by input fake data.

This way is a little bit dangerous if it is known by the online casino admin so you should discrete your movement carefully. Another way is you can play those accounts separately in different wheels. This way will also benefit you since you can have more than one winning at once.

  • Be Selfish

Be a selfish person is not good, but sometimes, it can give you advantages. You can be selfish at playing roulette game, but online once in a while. This time, you need to observe the games carefully that the game is almost predictable for you. Then, you can bet on such a big amount of money, and then get the big amount of winning money as well.

You should be careful with this strategy. Some of the online sites have strict rules about this kind of winning. So, if you get a big hit in a row, it will turn their alarm on. You should give a long space, maybe for one month.

  • The Most Appropriate Strategy

Both of the strategies can be used well but it depends on the situation. Using the get-a-big-hit-in-one-time strategy will give you much more money in a short time. But, as warned in the previous paragraph, this strategy will activate the administrator’s alarm. If you use this strategy, make sure to give a long time spent that is unpredictable, so they cannot track you that easy.

Those are how to win in online roulette game. Basically it is the same roulette in the land based casino. Remember the most important thing in roulette game, having fun. You can try both of the strategies. What you need is a little bit patience, great friends (to loan you their account), and the time to get the big hit. Wish you a bunch of luck!

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