How to Read Odds in Golf Betting

How to Read Odds in Golf Betting

The PGA golf tournament has just concluded and betting on golf games is an emergent trend. Even though betting on golf is relatively easy when compared to sports like baseball, the technicality in the process is second to none. This usually repulses rookie bettors from entering into the event. Often the bettors cannot comprehend how to read odds in golf betting. Odds of a game is the likelihood of an event happening in the game. Dictionary defines odds as the amount of money bet to the probability of an event according to the bookmaker.

How to Read Odds in Golf Betting

How to Read Odds in Golf Betting
How to Read Odds in Golf Betting

PGA Betting Odds

The betting line on each player is released on a Monday following the previous week’s matchup. This ranks every player in the betting line depending on their performance the previous week. All the players in the field are given the odds which indicates that bet can be made on any player and any player can win the match. After the first three rounds the odds are adjusted and are analysed and compared to the player who is in the lead position.


Moneyline method of betting the simplest way of betting at bookies The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookie, wherein bets are placed on which golfer would win the game. In this method the final score line doesn’t matter, as long the bet is placed on the winning player. The player who is more likely to win the game is represented with negative while the underdog has a positive symbol associated with him.

Prop Betting

Prop betting in golf is betting on every other thing related to golf other than the outcome of match itself. These type of bets ranges from bettors bet on number of trophies a certain player will win in a calendar year to the colour of shirt or pant a player will wear on the opening round of the game. Usually, such bets are placed several days prior to the beginning of the tournament and are usually placed only during major tournaments and on big name players. Popular prop betting include winning score prop, margin of victory prop, and hole in one prop.

Head to Head Golf Betting

Head to head betting involves betting between two players regarding which of the two will score more points, have better shots, etc. These bets are made both on the entirety of the tournament and just on a single round. These bets are made available only prior to first round.

PGA Future Betting Odds

Future betting occurs for events which are yet to occur. Bets are placed on tournaments weeks, months and on extreme condition even a year before it starts. In case of popular and big tournaments the bookmaker provides list of golfer with most odds to win the tournament and bets can be placed only on such golfers. Other bets include the golfer who would finish top 3, top 5, etc. on such tournaments.

In case of smaller tournaments the betting only starts few days before the tournament begins. Extensive research goes into future betting as apart from the researching the form of a player, time is also put into familiarizing one with the personal, psychological and physical condition of the player and his rivals too. Due to this reason people usually shy away from this type of betting though the promise of big return on risk allures many people.

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