How to know if the casino games are rigged?

How to know if the casino games are rigged?

Gambling casino games like what The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia provide are business. They have goal to dig out profit as many as they can while involving their customer, so the player can invest and money more and more. For the new bettors, they may ask whether or not the casino games are rigged. Some bettors are curious whether the casino game is really rigged or not. They are wondering how to know if the casino games are rigged?

Is Casino Games rigged?

Since the goal is to make much money and the players do not win the games mostly, the bettors may have suspicious that the casino games are rigged. There are a lot of theories is coming out inevitably. Some people say, wins are arranged to maintain the player play longer than before.

How to know if the casino games are rigged?

How to know if the casino games are rigged?
How to know if the casino games are rigged?

Other rumors say that the games is set that the player never wins, we cannot avoid the basic rule that the casino is a business that needs a profit. However, there is a situation that cannot be categorized game is a rigged. There will be a bad luck that affect individual players. Bad luck is bias and cannot be proven. Bad luck is an aspect to be watch out toward the players.

The example of Rigged

In January 2013, there is a gambling site, named Reel Deal and Hi/Lo Gambler. This site was accused of rigged game. This site was found to ruin coin flip games that did not show the deal offered to the bettors. The site advertised 100% pay outs to the bettors (that did not make a deal of cutting the money for the casino). In fact, the pay-out was 96% not 100%.

Sadly, this case can be categorized as fraud. The player has invested money and time, then they have gain the same rewards. After played ten thousand games one of the bettors changed the money and calculate it. He found different gap amount of money, then he concluded that the game was not playing honestly.


Learning from the Reel Deal and Hi/Lo Gambler case, the gamblers have to know and concern with the calculation of the money. Many online gambling sites provide the obvious calculation about the money that you will obtain.

Determining the online site gambling is important. They will give the big impact on your cash. See the offers, features and detail calculations on the profit. If the bettors do pay attention on it, shortly, they will not get the profit.

Apparently we do not say that casino games are 100% honest. There will be thousand rumors say that casino games is not right, from the moral perspective, and will ruin your money. However, it will be reduced if the bettors dig out the licensed casino gambling. At least, the licensed casino will give you a fair game.

To sum up, you have to keep in mind that casino game is a merely of entertainment that appears with big cost. Stay on detail about the offers. Features and the profit calculation are the example of how to know if the casino games are rigged?

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