How Can You Win Like A Pro In Live Baccarat?

Compared to other games in casino, most triumphant bettors in live baccarat don’t just depend on their instincts to allure luck on their side. It has been documented that most casinos got their long term advantage against these players no matter what games they offer. Fear no more because player can combat that initiative through using the right set of techniques which may lessen the house edge for as little as 1%. Considering these facts, how can you win like a pro in live baccarat? Then better follow these tips:

How Can You Win Like A Pro In Live Baccarat?

How Can You Win Like A Pro In Live Baccarat
How Can You Win Like A Pro In Live Baccarat

Go big or go home?

Basically, that’s the question you need to answer when you start involving yourself with live baccarat. Live gambling is a tricky industry as everything relies on luck. What’s trickier here is that, playing baccarat solely depends on luck (and a bit of the player’s skills). By that, you need to be very cautious risking your hard-earned money.

When you know the tables are up for high stakes, then you’d better quit and sit down in your home while sipping a cup of coffee. On the other hand, if you are currently on a winning streaks,  you should  not push your luck that much. Once you already have a decent amount of money, you’d better stop playing and leave. That’s the best way to go!

Make up your mind.

You need to decide where you should bet?  Is it on a tie? Or is it on the banker? Or on the payer? The winning possibility in tie is too rare. Meanwhile, odds are way better against other players rather than the tie. Thus, it is more advisable to avoid betting on an unlikely tie.

Determine if player got the third card based upon the total points

If player hand completed first, total of 8 or 9 for Player hand has no additional cards. Player hand will have total of 6 or 7. On some total such as 0-5, Player draws third card. It will happen only when the banker‘s points are 8 or 9 wherein the bank hand wins with no draw.

Learn rules of third card for Banker

In case the Player draws no new card the Banker draws with 0-5 total points. The player stays pat with a total points of six or seven. In addition, other hands serves dependent on third cards that the Player draws. Here are some of important rules.

  • If Player’s third card total point is 9, or 10, a face-card or Ace, Banker draws if he has
  • a 0-3 points or stays with 4-7 points.
  • If the third card of the Player is 8, Banker will draw if one has 0-2 and when he stays 3-7 points.
  • If Player has third card that has 6 or 7 points, the banker will draw if one got point of a 0 to 6, as well as when he stays with 7 point.

Calculate winning hand after cards are dealt

Winning hand is that has a closer total to 9. In a tie score or points, hand delivers no winner or loser. At some point commission is being paid out on winnings when the betting is one the banker’s hand.

One Last Thing..

On how can you win like a pro in live baccarat. Don’t believe on any ‘winning patterns’. They are just a waste of time. Join legit sites like Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. Trying in on your next betting session won’t produce anything. Instead, you might just lose hefty amount of money.

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