Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a video game developed and published by King. This video game was first released for Facebook. Later on, the video game was developed for iOS , Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

Game play

The video game consists of different special candies which can be made by harmonizing a certain combination of either 4 or 5. These different candies include striped candy and a wrapped candy. Striped candy is where a player has to clear the entire row or column. A wrapped candy on the other hand acts as a bomb in which it clears the 8 surrounding candies and burst one more time.

The special candies can also be harmonized together to produce effects which are not the same, an example is harmonizing a color bomb with a striped candies will turn all of the candies of its color to striped candies which are discharged immediately after its formation. Blending of a striped candy and a wrapped candy can lead to the formation of a big striped candy and therefore clearing three rows in horizontal and vertical direction at the same time occurred.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

The player can also purchase other special candies that normally appeared on the board from the in-game store or can also be won from the Candy Crush Booster Wheel. These special candies that can be purchased include jelly fish that appear in jelly clearing boards, the coconut wheel that appear on ingredient dropping boards and lucky candy that appear in recipe boards. There is an opportunity to win a jackpot which is offered by a booster wheel.

Blockers also appear within the game to pose more challenges to a player. Some of the blockers include Icing, Chocolate and Liquorice. These blockers provide challenges to a player in different ways. For example, Icing cannot just be moved but rather removed by harmonizing next to them. Chocolate increases when are not removed and the life of the game become short. Special candies cannot be used to remove Liquorice Locks. If Liquorice Locks are not cleared, candy bombs will burst and thus the level of the game ends early.

Various boosters can also be purchased by a player to try to win levels in an easily manner. There is also a free switch that permits players to switch two pieces that do not harmonize.

In app purchase

The game can be expressed in the form of currency through in-purchases either using credit cards, iTunes credits or Google Play credits. At the beginning of the game, it has five lives which are lost whenever a level is failed.

Passing episodes

The game can reach a level where an episode is completed. Episodes that start at episode 3 are locked and there a player should need three Facebook friends who send tickets so as the next episode can be unlocked. Also the locked episode can also be either unlocked directly via the in-game store or the game can permit the player to move on free if at all it was not possible for the player to unlock the next episode. Where the game is not connected to Facebook, the locked episode can be unlocked by Mystery Quests. For this case, three Mystery Quests must be completed to allow the unlocking of the next episode.


The characters of this video game include Mr. Toffee, Easter Bunny, and Mr. Yeti who is the owner of the shop, Odus and many others.


The game was received positively by the users. In 2013 it was declared the game of the year by Ellie Gibson.


In December 2012, the game had registered over 10 million downloads. Later in July 2013, the game was estimated to have about 6.7 million active customers.

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