Best and worst times of Luis Suarez

Best and worst times of Luis Suarez

Best and worst times of Luis Suarez, There is something to look forward to in Barcelona’s closing ceremony on Friday for the nearly four year celebration of the Uruguayan’s Premier League. The event would highlight the singing presentation of Luis Suarez. But do you know who Luis Suarez is? If you are wondering, then read on.

Luis Suarez is a Professional football player who fights under the banner of the Uruguayan’s and Barcelona’s Spanish team. He is marked as one of the most expensive player in the history of the football for he risked seventy five million for moving to Barcelona from Liverpool in 2014 of July. This relocation is caused after he had earned the European Golden Shoe. Also, he is widely considered as one of those talented strikers in the football field.

Best and worst times of Luis Suarez

As a football player, Luis Suarez has proved himself. He exerted all the efforts that he has for him to show what he can do. He became widely known and has been recognized in the genre of the football game.

Best and worst times of Luis Suarez
Best and worst times of Luis Suarez

 The details below indicate the triumphs that he attained.

  1. Tormenting Terry

After a severely unacceptable final in the FA Cup, Liverpool demanded an action against Chelsea for garnering a point of 4-1 win. In this game, Captain John Terry of the Chelsea’s team is having extreme nightmares for about two years. Luis Suarez was very vigilant to Captain John, who always kick the ball between his legs on uncountable times, as he unconditionally tortured John for about ninety minutes.

  1. Comeback at Sunderland

The time when Luis returned his styles and actions in the Stadium, the same place where he earned points twice in a three over one win, he showed an extraordinary beginning. Straightway, Suarez continued his lethal contract with Daniel Sturridge, who claimed the assistance for the Uruguayans’ goals.

  1. Award Winner

The Premier Leagues main pointer concluded an incomparable and death defying season for Luis Suarez. It served as an unforgettable and emotional time for Suarez being the PFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR and FOOTBALL WRITERS ASSOCIATION FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Worst moments

Luis Suarez’s career in the football field is truly incredible. However, there are also moments where he was in hot issues due to some unexpected things that happened. These are the times when he experienced extreme rumors and criticisms.

  1. The Dive

In the year 2012 of October, deliberate simulation was charged to Luis Suarez by David Moyes, the manager of Everton. This caused heat and blazing fires for the succeeding battle between Liverpool and Everton, where Barcelona’s team inflicted its points earning revenge and hilariously threw themselves in the floor field.

  1. The Cat Fight

During the battle of Manchester United against Liverpool, a late attack from Rafael on Lucas served as violence for all the Liverpool players. In the later argument, Suarez takes a fistful of Rafael. There is no ban that time but the incident adds spice for growing rumors.

  1. The Bite

The moment that the public of footballing was known to Suarez’s savor was also the time when Ajax vs PSV collide in the year 2010 of November at the sphere of Dutch Eredivisie. Suarez called for a 7 match ban due to the case, however it caused a bit of twist in his football career. Afterwards, he used a large amount of money to move back to Liverpool. Conclusion Luis Suarez is a star in the football field.

With his dedication and spirit, Luis Suarez always assures a good fight. Those awards that he claimed symbolize the Excellency that he possesses as a professional footballer. With all the victories that he attained, Suarez became the face of the Barcelona’s Spanish Team. However, behind each success are also records of controversies against him.

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